Medicare Part A – Hospital Coverage

Medicare Part B – Medical Coverage (doctor)

Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage (Private Health Plans)

Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage


Medicare Deductibles – 2024

Part A – $1632.00 per Benefit Period

Part B – $240.00 per year

Medicare Co-insurance – 2024

Days 61-90 – $408.00 per day
Hospital Days 91 and beyond – $816.00 per day

Skilled Nursing Facility Days 21-100 – $204.00 per day

Medicare Part B Premium – 2024

The standard Medicare Part B Premium for 2024 will be $174.70 per month (For individuals with and income of less than $103,000.00 per year)

The benefit information provided here is a brief summary, not acomprehensive description of benefits.

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